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Leica SWDCs

Leica SWDCs


Leica Geosystems offers their customers a unique network of specialized Software Development Centres (SWDC) to create custom applications to exactly suit special customer requirements.

 Do you have a special project/application that needs custom software? A Leica SWDC is exactly what you need!

Leica Geosystems offers three strategically located Software Development Centres (SWDCs). The SWDC in Montreal (Canada) serves the Americas, the SWDC in Madrid (Spain) serves Europe and Africa and the SWDC in Shanghai (China) serves Asia and Australia.
Each SWDC is dedicated to providing Leica Geosystems customers with tailored solutions to their measurement problems. Since being founded in 2002 each centre includes experienced software developers and application engineers focussed on providing custom solutions.

Each centre offers a unique service within the geomatics industry, giving Leica Geosystems customers the opportunity to improve on the already impressive return on investment potential of their measurement instruments and systems purchases.

To provide such custom solutions, the each SWDC works in collaboration with Leica Geosystems selling units, partners and customers. For more information on the design, development and purchasing process, please contact your local Leica Geosystems representative.

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