Biometric Attendance and Access Control Pakistan


When you are seeking excellent business solutions, then there is perhaps no other place to try other than NedoGroup, which has been able to make life extremely easy for people in Pakistan. The latest technology is made available to numerous business corporations which definitely make it easier for the companies to protect their office premises in the best way possible along with preventing fraud around the organization.

If you happen to have a high risk building which needs additional protection, and you want to limit access to certain individuals, then perhaps the access control system would be an excellent option. This system combined with the biometric attendance system is able to prevent fraud around your organization, which definitely means that your business environment remains safe and protected. Since the biometric attendance system holds the information of the different employees within the organization, such as the name, the face, the fingerprints, it is able to record the attendance of the individuals in the most efficient way. However, if you want to restrict access to particular people, then the biometric system can help. If the system has been fed with particular individuals who can be allowed to enter a particular place, then it will detect the face and match against the details and then allow or restrict access respectively.

We cater to small along with large organizations because we are able to do that. We are reliable and we offer high quality systems so that there are no problems later on. You can have the biometric access control system which is able to record the attendance as well. Based in Lahore, Islamabad and Karachi, we provide you with the equipment along with the after-sales service so that all your needs are catered to. We are that kind of organization which puts the customers first.


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