Biometric Attendance System and Fingerprint Reader in Pakistan


When it comes to security and efficiency, there is no other place that you should go for when you want complete solutions other than NedoGroup. This company established for many years provides excellent technological solutions in Lahore, Islamabad and Karachi, Pakistan. These solutions are geared to increase the efficiency and productivity of the organization.

Automation has become an important aspect of every business. Therefore, if you want to prosper and compete with big businesses, then it is advisable that you get different innovative solutions within your organization. With Biometric Attendance System and Fingerprint Reader in Pakistan, you’re able to keep a track of the attendance of the employees in an easy way. There will be no need for manual entry, such as writing on the register or even punching with a card (buddy punching will definitely be eliminated!). The attendance of only those employees will be marked who would have shown their fingerprint to the machine installed within your premises. The device will compare the fingerprint against the match in the database, and will only record the attendance if the fingerprint matches. Since every fingerprint is unique, no one else would be able to record attendance for anyone else. You will also be able to keep a track of what time the employees will enter the premises of the organization and the time that they leave at. This will help you in calculating the payroll especially if your workers work on an hourly basis. Furthermore, you will be able to increase the productivity of the employees since they would know that they cannot evade the system in any way.

Biometric solutions are the best in their class and NedoGroup provides you with the best of the best. This is what they believe in: providing ideal solutions to individuals who need them the most.


VIRDI Smart i (Made in Korea)
VIRDI Smart i (Made in Korea)



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