Face Recognition Time Attendance system Pakistan


When it comes to manual solutions, they have become readily outdated because of the high chance of error and fraud, along with minimized efficiency and effectiveness. In the current world, automated solutions are necessary within every organization. Therefore, for time attendance, an automated solution is required which will make maximize efficiency and increase the productivity of the company. It will ensure that people are coming at the right time and leaving at the right time. An automated solution presents one with numerous advantages other than merely recording the time. It ensures that the payroll can be calculated appropriately along with the rewards for employees who have been on time. Furthermore, it ensures less fraud because through the working of the system, only the ‘authorized’ and the ‘relevant’ employee can punch in their time and attendance.

There are different time attendance systems which includes fingerprint attendance systems. But if you want to make it even more hi-tech, then a Face Recognition System will be perfect since it will minimize the chances of any kinds of errors. The camera installed on the system will take a picture of the face that is put near the system, and will compare it to the pictures stored in the database. Only if it is matched, then only will the system record the time and attendance. Different face recognition systems will have different memory sizes and you will choose one according to the number of employees that you have. This Face Recognition Time Attendance System Pakistan is available through NedoGroup, which is considered to be the pioneer of hi-tech solutions in Pakistan. Therefore, you will be able to buy these solutions in Lahore, Karachi and Islamabad.

NedoGroup has different models from different companies. Read through the list of features and advantages and take your pick. You won’t regret it!


ZK SOFTWARE (ZKTECO) Face401 multi-biometric identification time attendance
ZK SOFTWARE (ZKTECO) Face401 multi-biometric identification time attendance
ZK SOFTWARE (ZKTECO) iFace402 multi-biometric identification time attendance
ZK SOFTWARE (ZKTECO) iFace402 multi-biometric identification time attendance



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