Fingerprint Access Control System in Pakistan


With the current security conditions in Pakistan, and with the high level of fraud and theft, it is important that the premises of your organization are completely safe and secure. You need to have a highly secured environment for the safety of your employees, along with the concern of the different assets that you may own. Therefore, one of the ways that your premises can be made secure is through the installation of Access Control System. There are different types of access control systems and one of the common ones includes Fingerprint Access Control Systems. If you want such systems in different cities of Pakistan, including Karachi, Lahore and Islamabad, then you will find that NedoGroup would be the best place to buy such a system from.

This company provides you with different devices and machines that require the use of a fingerprint to maintain a highly secure environment. It provides the people in charge with flexible control over the people who are allowed to enter the premises and those who are not allowed to enter the premises. It is also able to determine the time when people are actually allowed to enter. The Access Control Systems available at the company are able to recognize, authenticate and authorize the entry to the premise. This will provide the best protection to your premise, your staff along with your assets. The system will not be able to permit entry, but it will also track and record the data of the employee and visitors who enter the system. The fingerprint access control system involves the use of fingerprint for access. This is usually used in confidential places due to the easy installation along with the level of high security it is able to provide.

Therefore, for the ultimate solutions, NedoGroup would be a wise choice, indeed.


VIRDI USB Fingerprint Reader FOH02
VIRDI USB Fingerprint Reader FOH02
VIRDI AC-2100 (Made in Korea)
VIRDI AC-2100 (Made in Korea)



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