Fingerprint Time Attendance Machine Pakistan


For excellent business solutions, we are absolutely the right choice for you. NedoGroup has been providing technological business solutions for quite some time to many customers in Pakistan. It is established in three main cities of Pakistan including Lahore, Islamabad and Karachi. If you want to make a secure environment around your office, along with ensuring employee productivity, then it is time to have a fingerprint time attendance machine.

Fingerprint time attendance machines are important if you want to keep your employees on their toes. There are many times when workers arrive late at the office or leave early but still get their full pay because of the buddy punching system. However, with fingerprint time attendance, this is eliminated because the system would require the specific fingerprint of the employee to mark the attendance, since the fingerprint would be checked against the one stored previously in the system.

It is important that this system is implemented in the developing part of the world because it is in vogue in the developing world. No wonder the developed world is in the state it is in. They have used technology to truly master their business by improving employer productivity through keeping a proper check and balance. There are other benefits of time attendance machine as well, since the attendance report can be generated within one click. This can helpful for the finance division of your firm as well as the Human Resource division, since they can calculate salaries as well as pay bonuses. They can be a useful for deciding who qualifies for promotions. It is easy to identify the punctuality and regularity of your employees. You will find that because of this check and balance, the employer productivity would rise to a great extent. There is no chance of any kind of fraud. Furthermore, the system installation is also quite easy.

Therefore, make your business a great success through us.


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