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The manual and traditional attendance systems have shown their defects, and it has led to an increase in the need for automated solutions for this purpose. Some of these problems include the commutability of the attendance, which means that the device is able to recognize only the card, and not the person. Therefore, NedoGroup is an online company, which is providing Fingerprint Time attendance system in Pakistan, which ensures that you can eliminate the different problems of the traditional system, and integrate a new system. This new system will ensure that the organization will be able to avail numerous advantages through this purpose. The fingerprint system uses different technologies to make this system into an extremely efficient one. The fingerprint system takes a 3D image of your finger once it is entered and compares it to the fingerprint stored in the database. As every fingerprint is unique to an individual, this ensures that no one else can enter the time and attendance for an individual other than the individual themselves.

These fingerprint solutions are also able to eradicate the system of clocking in and out of others, which increases openness and transparency within an organization. Furthermore, these biometric fingerprint solutions are a one-time investment, without the need for any kind of extra labor. There is no need to carry around any form of identification, such as a card, or a certificate, which can be lost easily, or forgotten at home easily. Therefore, it eliminates the chances of any kind of human error, or forgetfulness. In addition, these systems are also easy to use, and NedoGroup provides Time attendance system in Lahore, Karachi, and Islamabad which are user-friendly, so that no one has a problem adapting to the system. The system will be able to report the time that is needed in the most accurate way, which includes information, such as leave time, late time, overtime hours, attendance time, as well as the absent time along with many other kinds of information.

In fact, some of the solutions that can be found on this website are not only made for small set-ups, but are also made keeping large organizations in mind. This is made possible through the integration of the special network function in these devices, which can connect information of different branches within one system.

Therefore, to save money for the long run, and to have an efficient flow of operations, use this system.

VIRDI AC-4000 (Made in Korea)
VIRDI AC-4000 (Made in Korea)
VIRDI AC-5000 (Made in Korea)
VIRDI AC-5000 (Made in Korea)



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