For a time attendance machine Pakistan, NedoGroup based in Lahore, Karachi and Islamabad provides you with a great deal of choice.


You perhaps would be surprised by the continuous innovation of technology in the current world of today. The hard fact is that even small and medium enterprises have to think about following through with the process of automation because it is able to bring more efficiency, and eventually profit maximization to the enterprise. Of course, some technological innovations can be really expensive but if their cost is spread over a period of time, then they actually result in economies of scale. NedoGroup has recognized the need for small and medium enterprises to involve technology in their operations by introducing Time Attendance Machines Pakistan, which are crucial for the efficiency of the system.

NedoGroup is an excellent company that has been providing computer and technology-related solutions in Karachi, Islamabad and Lahore, Pakistan. It has offices in these three cities and you can easily contact them for the solutions that they provide. It is equally important to discuss the importance of time attendance machines in your operations.

There is no doubt that managing a group of employees can be particularly difficult especially if you have to be present in different locations. You need to keep a track of the time your employees report to the office and the time that they depart from there. Furthermore, you also need to know when people take their days off. This helps in better calculation of the salaries that you hand out at the end of the month. Time attendance machines help you do that since you’re able to keep a track of all the things mentioned above. It increases the overall efficiency of the system because automation results in a smoother flow of operations. It helps you in saving time and money. Furthermore, you will not have to hire a person to especially take care and keep a track of the attendance of the employees.

In this effective way, NedoGroup has changed the ways that businesses are operating in Pakistan. You have a choice of choosing amongst different solutions for Time Attendance which includes fingerprint solutions. There are different machines for that purpose, each equipped with a set of unique features. You can choose one that is suitable for the working environment of your business.


VIRDI AC-4000 (Made in Korea)
VIRDI AC-4000 (Made in Korea)
VIRDI AC-5000 (Made in Korea)



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