NEDO is appointed as the sole distributor by ZKTECO/ZK SOFTWARE Face Recognition Devices


ZKTECO/ZK Software is not a new name when it comes to different solutions in the science of biometrics. This company has been established since 25 years, and it has been working for the manufacture and development of attendance and time technology, along with access control innovations. This particular company is present in around 200 countries, and it has continued to expand and grow. Now, NedoGroup is proud to announce that this dynamic multinational enterprise has chosen this company in Pakistan to distribute face recognition devices. This is some exciting news, since NedoGroup is a fairly new company. However, since this online company has always endeavored to get success and to provide multiple solutions to people and organizations, it has worked with zeal and effort. Because of this, and the fact that the popularity of NedoGroup continues to grow, as more people are buying products from here, and is willing to trust this company, this honor has been bestowed upon this company.

Therefore, as good news to the different customers of NedoGroup, we are glad and pleased to announce that soon enough; the huge variety of solutions would also contain face recognition devices from ZKSoftware International. These face recognition devices are brilliant, because they have used amazing and innovative technology. This will completely help you boost the smooth operation of your company. These face recognition devices are included in the list of huge access control solutions. Finger print devices have their own flaws, which are why in certain cases, face recognition devices are excellent. These devices would carry a camera, which would be able to take a photograph of a particular person. This is later then compared to the stored picture in the database at the backend. If this particular photograph matches the stored picture, then access is allowed. Furthermore, this is also an excellent way of getting attendance marked at the right time, and keeping a better track of your employees’ whereabouts, which is to say when they come in for work, and when they leave. This allows you to observe the working of your company, as well as understand the different dynamics. After all, it will increase the efficiency of your organization. While many people may regard these devices to be highly expensive, they are a solid long-term investment. Furthermore, once you buy these devices through NedoGroup, which are manufactured by ZKSoftware International, you would be pleased to find out that the quality is so excellent that it will remain in your organization for years to come.


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