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NedoGroup was established with the aim of providing small and medium sized businesses along with huge corporations the kind of equipment that they would require in their day-to-day operations. Therefore, for business solutions in Pakistan, we are perhaps the best place for you. We are able to offer you a huge selection of projectors, which ensure that you can make a wise decision when choosing the kind of equipment that you want for your office. There are numerous brands which are available which just goes to show how much we care about our customer satisfaction. After all, choice matters. The projectors in Pakistan vary in terms of their price and their requirements which allow you to make an informed choice.

Whether you want projectors for the educational environment or those tailored for the business environment, we are able to offer you precisely such solutions. We offer numerous technologies such as DLP technology, the LED technology as well as LCD technology. The numerous brands that we are able to sell include Espon, Hitachi and many more. Every model in the series accompanies a set of specifications so that your choice is made easier and quicker.

NedoGroup is based in Lahore, Karachi and Islamabad and we ensure that we provide businesses with the right kind of solutions. Apart from merely providing you with the equipment, we also pride ourselves for offering you our services with the installation and the maintenance of such equipment. We are of course the ultimate service provider.

You can rest assured that the projectors are completely new and you would get the original packed version which means that the quality will not be compromised in any way. We believe in making the lives of our customers easy and therefore, we do that with our excellent services. 





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