Provides excellent Access Control System Pakistan which greatly helps you in increasing the security of your organization


If you want to bring more efficiency and profitability to your business, the process of automation is necessary through the different innovative technologies that are released in the market. Access Control System is one such process that can lead to an increase in the overall efficiency in the operations of the business, irrespective of the size. In fact, even small and medium-sized enterprises are able to make economies of scale due to such systems. NedoGroup provides access control system Pakistan since quite some time. It caters to Lahore, Karachi and Islamabad, which are the hubs of trade, commerce and business in Pakistan, with different companies established. Therefore, in organizations which are of medium-size or even large-sized organizations, access control systems would be beneficial.

Do you want to restrict employees to enter into a certain section of the building? Do you want people to have access only at particular times of the day? Do you want to maintain an excellent payroll system? Well, access control system will allow you to do that and so much more. In Pakistan, NedoGroup is one of those companies that provide excellent solutions in this field. Whether you want the device for the operation of the system or you want the software that will make the running of the system possible, you will get everything at this place. The devices are available from different manufacturers, so you can make your choice according to your requirements since they carry a unique set of features.

While you may realize that these systems are expensive, this has merely remained a common misconception. While they may be costly to buy, they are not expensive overall, since they are able to reduce other costs significantly and bring economies of scale to your business. Therefore, the overall profitability of the business will increase and other expenses will actually decrease. In the current world of today, it is simply not possible to go without excellent innovative technologies. Now, NedoGroup has made it easier for you to buy the entire system from one place and bring innovation to your enterprise!

ZK SOFTWARE (ZKTECO) iFace202 multi-biometric identification time attendance
ZK SOFTWARE (ZKTECO) iFace202 multi-biometric identification time attendance
ZK SOFTWARE (ZKTECO) iFace201 multi-biometric identification time attendance
ZK SOFTWARE (ZKTECO) iFace201 multi-biometric identification time attendance



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