Time Attendance Machine in Pakistan


NedoGroup is proud to announce that it has completely revolutionized the way that medium enterprises work within Pakistan, by making them more efficient through the proper use of the right kind of technology. The company which has offices in Karachi, Lahore and Islamabad, Pakistan has introduced a wide variety of machines that are able to record the time the most efficiently and proficiently.

Time Attendance Machines have acquired a special importance because of the way that operations are moving towards the process of automation. The Time Attendance Machine has eradicated any need to check a check on the arrival and the departure time of an employee. Generally, manual registers had to be made which would allow employees to do so. Different problems arose because of this since it involved coercion by the employees by asking someone else to sign in for them, as well as try to convince the person maintaining the register to change the time of their arrival. The top management suffered, as a result in terms of time and money.

With the introduction of time attendance machine in Pakistan, this problem has changed since order can be maintained by keeping a check on the employees who come late or leave early. It also helps in the calculations of the pays and salaries. Most of the advanced machines are able to record the number of absent days, multiple shift days, breaks as well as violation of the break timings.

In today’s world, this has been taken even a step further by the introduction of Fingerprint time machines, which requires the pressing of the finger against the machine. Furthermore, these fingerprint machines have a dual-purpose. They are also able to restrict entry into certain secure areas. Only authorized personnel will be able to get inside.

NedoGroup has made it easier for people to get access to this technology in Pakistan. There are different machines from various companies equipped with specific features. You can choose the ones that are specific to your requirements. Therefore, strive for excellence by using such innovations in your flow of operations. 





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