Time Attendance Machine in Pakistan


NedoGroup has been a pioneer of providing technology solutions to different small and medium sized businesses in Pakistan since quite many years. It has been providing such solutions in different commercial cities of Pakistan including Lahore, Karachi and Islamabad. Therefore, this company is now proud to announce that it is providing you a huge collection of Time Attendance Machines.

Why do you need Time Attendance Machines? Because before the automation of time attendance system, you were completely reliant on the manual entry, which was not only time-consuming, but also prone to error, along with fraud. Different businesses have replaced their manual systems of writing out names on registers with automation which has resulted in a great amount of efficiency within their organizations. This system is now being adopted in developing countries, since it has been shown to increase the productivity of employees by a high percentage. A report can be generated through such systems with just one click. You should be replacing the Card Punch Attendance Machine because they are now highly redundant. This system has been replaced with Finger Print Time Attendance along with Biometric Time Attendance systems in various parts of the world. And with this excellent company, this system is also made available to you within Pakistan.

You will be able to avail numerous benefits through this system which will include tracking employees who might come late or leave early. It will be easy to calculate the payroll at the end of the month and find out which employee should be rewarded for punctuality. Since employees will know that they are being monitored, their productivity will also see a rise. There are no chances of fraud, since a fingerprint is different for every individual. Furthermore, you will find the installation and the maintenance of the system to be quite easy. Increase the competitiveness of your business through this system.


ZK SOFTWARE (ZKTECO) VF380 Face Recognition
ZK SOFTWARE (ZKTECO) VF380 Face Recognition
ZK SOFTWARE (ZKTECO) VF600 Face Recognition
ZK SOFTWARE (ZKTECO) VF600 Face Recognition



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