Virdi Access Control Machine


Nedo Corporation is the only company, which is able to provide Virdi Access Control Machine in Pakistan. In fact, you can also rest assured that these machines and systems are genuine, and are directly brought from Virdi. Virdi is a name, which is not unfamiliar in the field of technology and innovation. It has a wide range of models for access control systems, as well as time attendance systems in order to increase the efficiency of organizations. NedoGroup remains that company which has genuine products from this particular company.

With regards to Virdi’s access control solutions, these systems are able to replace the use of traditional passwords and keys, with RF cards, as well as fingerprints in order to enhance the security of the company, as well as increase the convenience for individuals. The system works through the Virdi Access Server Standard, which is mainly an authentication server, along with an access restriction device. This is able to control different terminals, as well as provide support to TCP/IP, which makes it easier to have an integrated system, which is not constrained to one physical space.

The Virdi Access Control Machine in Karachi, Lahore and Islamabad is suitable for use in financial institutions, companies, research institutes, as well as government offices and military offices. In these areas, it is important that access is restricted, because there may be high-security information, which cannot be made accessible to the general public.

Some of the features of the access control system includethe use of remote control, the use of database, which is based on ODBC, as well as, of course, a strict controlled access. There is a firmware upgrade available, as well. There is an option to choose between standalone and network system. The system is also available in different languages such as Japanese, Korean, Taiwanese, and of course, English, which would be apt in Pakistan.

In addition, this online company, based in Pakistan has also made Virdi Time Attendance System Pakistan available, so that the efficiency of the business can be controlled overall. This ensures that the entire flow of operations is based on an automated system, decreasing the chances of errors and increasing the effectiveness in the workings of the company. You will be able to have the Virdi Time Attendance System in Lahore, Islamabad and Karachi quite easily by ordering it online or contacting the regional office or the head office.

Hence, remember that when it comes to excellent solutions in the field of automation with regards to access control and time attendance, NedoGroup is the best place. 


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