Virdi New Launch AC6000RF (Multi Biometric Device)


NedoGroup prides on itself for providing the latest solutions in a wide variety of different areas for all the business needs of individuals. One of the best things about NedoGroup is the fact that it has continuously updated itself in the product range that it provides so that individuals will always come to the website to buy their solutions. Therefore, in this case, NedoGroup remains the only online company in whole of Pakistan to launch and redistribute Virdi AC600RF.

NedoGroup specializes in providing access control solutions. Therefore, this new product is a solution for access control. It is simply the way that access is controlled, and is also able to record the time through fingerprints. It has a 4.8” full color touch LCD screen. Furthermore, it has the patented biometric scanner, which has auto scan, as well as live + fake finger detection. The Graphic User Interface of this particular deice makes sure that you can navigate around the system easily. It also makes sure that the system can be personalized, which includes the use of background, and the usage of corporate logo. Therefore, the design is such that it is simple and easy to use. It contains a digital camera, which is 1.3 megapixel, which is able to compare a particular picture with the stored photograph in the database, and to see if the picture matches the user ID and the name. Furthermore, it is able to produce a high quality sound, especially for messaging with the usage of an mp3 file. Additionally, there is an option for WiFi, which is quite excellent. Additionally, with the UV sterilization option, you are able to maintain a clean and healthy environment around your workplace. This sterilization option means that living bacteria is not produced on sensor surface. Additionally, the system also has a safe cover. This protects the individual against direct exposure to the UV rays, which may be harmful. Moreover, to make life much easier and simpler, it has a TCP/IP network method, which is quite easy to install and operate. This means that expansion is allowed between terminals to servers, or within terminals to terminals. This leads to effective connection within the entire business premise. People also have the option of using RF cards, which can be fixed into the fingerprint recognition terminal. This is able to provide a greater amount of security. In fact, it can be used with unclean fingerprints, as well, so better output can be given.

Hence, with such wide variety of features, this particular device is definitely a must-needed solution for your business and NedoGroup is proud to announce to be the first one to launch it in Pakistan.



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