NedoGroup has been founded for many years. It was founded in 1935 by Late Mr. Muhammad Osman Kalia, initially as a trading company. However, today, it has diversified itself to many different areas, which have their own separate departments of sales, finance, marketing, along with customer support. Furthermore, you will also find this company to be selling a wide variety of different products, which makes businesses more efficient. These products include Banking Machines, Time Management Systems, LED screen, GPS systems, along with surveying systems, and AV Equipment, as well. The customers continue to grow, and this group has gained wide popularity for being a multi-functional provider of different solutions. Furthermore, NEDO does not only provide amazing technology, but the widespread trained personnel are able to work quite efficiently, and cater to every client’s individual demands. You will not have to worry about anything, when you are availing the services from this magnificent company. 

Every sales and service employee undergoes a rigorous training program at our home office. They are ready to put their comprehensive product and application knowledge to work to help simplify and speed customer’s business operations. Much has changed since NEDO started in 1935, but our dedication to providing customers with top quality products, backed by great service, remains a cornerstone of our company.


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» Nedo Corporation has been appointed Distributor of Leica In Pakistan

» Hitachi DLP Projectors

» Hitachi LCD Projectors

» 2D Barcode Scanner in Pakistan

» Barcode Scanner in Pakistan

» Biometric Attendance and Access Control Pakistan

» Biometric Attendance Machine Pakistan

» DLP Projectors in Pakistan

» LCD Projectors in Pakistan

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